plaubel redux. 

some years and about 1,000 posts ago there were quite a few pictures I posted using my favorite camera,  the Plaubel 670…or my favorite medium format camera anyway…or my favorite medium format camera that I had for only 2 weeks before having to return to ebay seller because of a faulty rangefinder…which really only  one place in the U.S. was qualified to fix…So I returned it and opted instead for the brand new, reliable, versatile, slightly slower (3.5) and decidedly less sexy  Bessa III —with which many many of my photos both personal and professional were taken. I since sold that pretty great camera as I focused more on instant film, large format, 35mm, and lastly and perhaps alas-ly my digital Leica M with which I am in ambivalent  love…But I never stopped longing for the finicky quasi compact beast with the collapsable 2.8 Nikkor lens that is the Plaubel 670….These are test shots, nothing special…but I’m reminded of what it is I loved about the thing and about film….film….film…


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